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unlucky start

whew.. returned from the company trip yesterday nite around 12midnight.

zzz... so tired. I was not feeling well yesterday when we boarded the coach from Club Med, Cherating to KL. Then my condition steadily got worse, till I reach home. Today still hovering about the same area. from good to bad to good to bad.. sigh.. hate this sort of neither here nor there feeling.

Well heaps of stuff to do in the office today. Since its month end and everything. When I checked my office mail, I received a mail from one of the Admin staff, "hey don't forget to send me the photos". I'm like WOW, I have not even downloaded them off my camera! Hold on, let met settle down 1st aye?

In any case, I got the images down to my PC already this evening. Started sorting through them, all 613 images. I have processed 40 images so far. Well, so far nothing spectacular seems to POP out from all those images. Dang, I really need to practice on the camera more! I have to get ready for more holiday shots! Yeah! China NEXT Year!!!

---Story starts---finally

Oh... back to the story of the trip, on Monday evening, took a flight (AirAsia) to LCCT around 7pm. I checked in about 6pm, and I put my luggage into cargo. Normally I would not do it, but this trip I was lazy to carry it about. So around 7pm when I was about to board, I realised that the boarding pass that I had didn't have my name on it!!! It had my colleagues name! OMG! and I even cleared thru customs check!!! Talk about slackers! The ground crew of Air Asia sternly asked me, "Do you know this boarding pass does not have your name on it?" I looked at her straight in the eye, and said firmly and "No.". She didn't know how to respond and keep yak yak to the walkie talkie. After like 5 mins of hoo-haa.. finally she let me board the plane.

We landed about 9pm or so, I proceeded to claim my luggage from the conveyor thingy. waited there for about 15 mins, everyone claimed their stuff and I was still standing there like and idiot, until I realise I didn't recognize my luggage because they had put it face down~! DOH!!! silly me! I flip over the bag and to my dismay, the combination lock on it was thorn from the wall. -___- McDonalds.

At McDonalds I met my colleagues from Sabah, they were busing doing something on the laptop. After I purchased my dinner, I asked them what they were doing. They told me that they were keying in their Regions new outlets and the dateline was Monday. -__- I was not informed at all of this. I didn't key in ANY new outlets for Sarawak! BLAH!!!! After eating my dinner I left with my reps, and we headed down towards Eastin Hotel.

Arriving at Eastin Hotel, me and my two reps, found out that one reps name was not listed. o_O the bad luck continues!!! And my eager rep was like yakking like a mad excited puppy or something which started to annoy me. I called the admin people and they said just grab an extra bed and payment will be sorted afterwards. FINE~! I told my rep to shut up, and let me deal with it. The receptionist was being annoying and keep saying " Sure, we can add and extra bed, but that would cost additional costs ". I kept saying "fine, its okay, our admin side said okay." And he keeps on about the additional cost, finally about 2 mins of yakking about it he asked about payment. By then I was very agitated. I was very tired, and very frustrated. I told the fellow with a really stern and loud voice, "I'm going to pay in CASH, okay?" finally, he got the ball rolling.

I turned around, both reps were missing, I called them, they went up to the other reps room. -____- I got even more agitated! Could have at least waited for things to be sorted and get instructions right? your the one missing a bed, not me!

Anyways I told him he got his bed, and I showered and tried to sleep. Around 2 pm, another rep, assigned to my room showed up. We have to catch a coach at 6:15AM. After that I couldnt really sleep, cos I was worried I might not wake up in time.

To be continued...