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its 3am now

i have not been up at 3 am in a long while. i mean during weekdays. actually came back from a badminton match just now was feeling kind of tired prior to the game. came home and after a good shower, zzzz and suddenly woke up around 2.30am. and now i'm here. checking whats happening online while i slept.

it seems that i have not had much time to blog recently. funny i tot my job at work was kind of simple. apparently i was wrong. there are heaps to do, and some times you do really feel the stress. actually i feel more like an office boy more than a team lead. im going out buying stationary, going out courier stuff, waiting for stuff, making sure stuff arrives and good stuff like that.

well ... im heading back to kl soon. within two weeks time to be exact for another team building program. this time we are scheduled to go to Fraser’s Hill, The Pines Resort.

why are we going right after our previous trip which was not too long ago? well this time round its for the office boys only ... hahaha ... i mean the middle management only.

ahh... i'll be in kl for about 3 weeks this time. after the team building program we are having a system migration. which apparently takes two friggin weeks to complete. i mean whats so hard about installing and running a new system? unless the manual is not adequately written there is bound to be problems. so all in all ill be in kl for like three friggin weeks. and i'll be missing out on the gazetted holidays for our state, sarawak. and most importantly a friends birthday. :( man thats so sad. oh well... now thats what i call fate!

time for me to hit the sack again!


ps. dang.. im hungry