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I think I need to change my name to BLUNDER LIM.

I missed my flight to KUALA LUMPUR this morning. The flight was at 6.40AM and I was already up and getting ready at 5.00AM. And my house is essentially 10 mins away from the airport. To top it off, I am still sick. And I spent an unnecessary RM 260.00 for the next available flight on AirAsia (Where every fool can fly - Afdzal Adeni).

Luckily the meeting is in the afternoon. So far in the past 2 months, Kuching Airport and LCCT has not been kind to me. On my previous trip back from KL to KCH. My Victorinox Swiss Army Knife was confiscated without possibility of return. Its obvious the police were taking it for themselves as they did not do any paper work at all for confiscating it. Even when I ask if there were any options of get it back they said they didn't know anything and basically ignored me. And me being person who dislike confrontations just let them have it. I suppose I could have made loud noises any annoy everyone there. But that is not my style. I will not make the same mistakes twice. Looking for a new Victorinox as we speak :D

Why does this happen to me so much? Why am I never given second chances? And why do I give everyone else so many second, third and sometimes fourth chances? Why so kind, when the world is so cruel? Is it me, not being pro-active enough? Sometimes I wonder... I really do...

I think I need to change my name from Gerald Lim to Blunder Lim.

So call me blunder lim now... I'm going to rest, still sick... and waiting for my next flight.