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time flies

as the title goes, time flies. In a flash its now 5th of April 2007. My 2nd month @ my job. I got 1 negative feed back about my working attitude via grapevine... LOL.. typical. I knew it would happen. Its not I'm slacking, I'm still lost. I'm trying to see who is in the know and who is as lost as me. Within the past few days I learned a lot about this issue. I think I know where and what to do.

Ugh. So many things to updated(Blog) so many photos to process. so many stories to tell. And I'm so tired I'm sure I will forget everything soon. :( I just rebuilt this PC.

Finally. But I think the sound is going. Some how work has overpowered my will to update my website. Hmm... HOW LAH!

Oh yah... Bernard Tan called. He is back in kch.. will go and look him of for KOPI-O session later. haiz... Very hot weather.. I duno wat I typing... better log out and change now.. Who knows the New Zealander already waiting for me to pick him up or something.