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training, thinking trying to find myself

this should have been posted two weeks ago. but I have been so busy that I have missed it. cos I need to prep the photos and upload and many other good excuses.

Team Building - Day 1

Team Building - Day2

the location of the training is in Seremban, a place called Allson Klana Resort.

I personally think it was just a run of the mill type of team building training. I didn't really learn much about teams but I have gained some insights on my personal stuff. Another good thing is I got to hang out with the staff from Peninsular Malaysia, so I now know more about how they work. Also hanging out with Regina was cool.

most importantly I got to find a book called Who Moved My Cheese. it was very inspirational and at this stage of my life I like change. I'm trying my best to embrace change.

after the trip, came back to Kuching. and on last Thursday when I missed my flight. I found another good book, called THE SECRET. which makes me wonder why I'm reading so many of these sort of books. if I recall correctly reading is something I used to loath. oh well I guess I was just attracting the books to me, well according to THE SECRET anyways...

End!!! time to go eat yummy food.