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I was playing badminton with my cousin yesterday at Chung Hua Middle School No.3. On my second match, I was paired with an uncle who was in his mid 60's. Our opponents hit a ball wide, and he shouted OUT, I let the ball fell out side the court, me watching it fall and as I turn around, my head felt a thud. ~!?!? huh? Did I fall? Thats what I thought as I laid down on the floor of the court. I somehow managed to fall down backwards hitting the back of my head and my left elbow and my bum.

Well today I'm all sore. My bum is sore, my back, my shoulder, my elbow, my neck, and my head. There is a bulge on the back of my head. The size of a fifty cent coin. Aduh. It's been throbbing all morning. It felt smaller than last night.

I have not been to that court for a while. The floor is not as grippy as the ones that I usually go to. Maybe because they don't really maintain it as well as those RM 10.00 per hour courts.

I'm just glad its nothing major. I hope! *fingers crossed* Hopefully can play again this Wednesday.

Its rare to find me bloggin from the office. But the soreness and throbbing is annoying that I cant really concentrate on my work. -.- Maybe I'll go home early today.