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friday oh friday

Damn its Friday already time sure flies like its ass is on fire. It can be seen from my previous postings, so far DEC'06 & JAN'07 has not been a nice to me. Hopefully FEB'07 would be gentler.

Well, I made it thru the 1st round of interview. And I'm headed off to KL for the 2nd interview. So far so good. Am I able to handle it(the job)? Hopefully, we shall see. I'm not a people kind of person. It takes me a while to warm up to someone. So if I'm going to get the job, where I have to boss around people who have more experience than me, and I'm a greenhorn, I'm not sure how it will go. Maybe I'll be the one to be bullied. Ahh well.. non of that matters yet, until I get the job. I always wondered if I would be a good superior. Hmmm... points to ponder.

Speaking of which, I actually wanted to keep long hair for 2007. Cos I have kept short hair for a few years now, it was getting a bit boring. Anyways, I have kept my hair for about 2 months now. And its growing along nicely. BAH! So I have to cut it short again! or should I just trim it. And look like a nurd.

This PC I'm using to post, SUX0R! lol its basically something I built for my dad to use, and I have set everything for CHINESE. The blogger interface is in Chinese, even though I specified for it to display in ENGLISH.

My uncle is going to NZ for a month. Therefore I have been ASSIGNED to watch over his house YET AGAIN! Computer-less nights to come! I feel so lost without my digital life.

Kinda sadden with the fact that TM_NUT is planning to be cheeky again. They come up with the lames excuses to block and throttle peoples access to the internet. Bastards