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chinese astrology

Well this new year, my mom told me that my sign (Fire Snake) will have bad luck this year as the sign is in conflict with Tai Sui (The Duke). So I went online to find out more about this event. I have been reading since I got back 2 hours ago. Jumping from site to site then I found something interesting about the year 2001 (year of the Metal Snake).

The ending or culminating months of hidden and covert Metal Snake years tend to strike a deadly bite. Sixty years ago, in December of 1941, the secretive and stealthy Metal Snake year brought an infamous example of this: The surprise attack upon Pearl harbor. The Metal Snake can bring covert warfare that bypasses conventional defenses entirely, and relies on secrecy and infiltration. This also was the case when the Germans, to Joseph Stalin's disbelief, attacked the Soviet Union in 1941. The Snake could well have another major conflict during the month of Pig, Nov. 7th to Dec. 6th, 2001.

-Source : Shelly Wu- Snake Year

As I was reading this, I thought to myself, what was I doing in 2001, and somehow 2001 seemed really important to the world. Then I realized September 11th... The year the terrorist slammed two aircrafts into the World Trade Center in USA. A quick check into world news, revealed, Mr George Bush was sworn in as the 43rd President of the United States in 2001 as well. Not exactly accurate, but definitely quite interesting.

Interesting reads for those who are interested.

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There are many more but, these are few links which I found more interesting. In the end I didn't learn much about Tai Sui, but found other things instead, what a waste of good solid 2 hours of my life!