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So the unlucky streak continues.

We reached Sematan safely. Left Kuching around 1pm, reached there about 2.30pm. Immediately hit the beach! It was awesome. Saw a dead jellyfish, we all froze a while, because this beach is rumored to have a LOT of jellyfish. After 3 mins of splashing around in the water, we all forgot our fears.

The first to arrive was myself, Ah Yap, and Daniel. Then 2 hours later, came Gabriel and Irene. Lastly George, Ivy, Andrew and Melvin. And around midnight, Willy.

The Palm Beach Resort is actually quite nice, but a bit expensive I would say. Dinner and Breakfast is inclusive. Those who buy the meals would have to pay RM48.00 which is about RM 12.00 per meal. For RM12.00 in town, you can eat a really good meal. The BBQ pit was located at a concentrated location, so we could not sit around the chalet while we cooked. The rental of the pit cost RM25.00 excluding charcoal. Even with special relationships with the owners daughter we could not bring down the price :P oh well.

I pulled my arm muscle last night while lighting the fire for the BBQ. Didn't get any sleep because one batch of friends watched tele till around 1am. Then another batch, play BIG2 (CHOR DAI DEE) till around 6am. So my sleep was in and out in and out.

So we were all merrily heading back to Kuching city when disaster struck! My friend Willy was driving a Mazda Fighter in front of me. His car radiator failed and sprung LEAKS. My car, had a leak as well, on the top fiber panel of the radiator. Luckily he stopped, if not I might have shared his fate. Well, I still share the same fate as him la, only thing is I do not need to replace the WHOLE radiator. Only the top bit. I already asked my mechanic as soon as we hit Kuching, it will cost me about RM200.00+ to fix the leaky problem.


I'm so tired, need to log out, need to sleep. Tired...