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wahliew! Feb already!

WOW! Where did the time fly to ?

Suddenly its February 2007!

Well my pc have been suffering for the past few weeks. Having BSODs (BLUE SCREEN OF DEATHS).

Check out my BSODs!

Click image to see more details!

Right my poor poor PC. I was quite annoyed till I didn't really read the error codes. Namely the 0x0000007A, 0x00000050, 0x000000F4, 0x0000008E, and c000021a. So after much scouring the interweb. I still couldn't find a solution for my PC. I did a bunch of test, memory test, processor tests. All passed with flying colours.

The PC would boot up for about 4-5 mins then BSOD. Arght! Then it would work okay for about 20 hours. Then for no reason what so ever, BSOD!!!

According to resources from Microsoft,


The STOP 0xC000021A error occurs when either Winlogon.exe or Csrss.exe fails. When the Windows NT kernel detects that either of these processes has stopped, it stops the system and raises the STOP 0xC000021A error. This error may have several causes, including, but not limited to the following:
Mismatched system files have been installed.
A Service Pack installation has failed.
A backup program that as used to restore a hard disk did not correctly restore files that may have been in use.
An incompatible third party program been installed.
Another page from Microsoft,
The following are all common causes of STOP Messages 0x00000077 and 0x0000007A:
The paging file contained a bad block.
If the page file is on a SCSI device, the trap could have been caused by improper termination.
Bad cabling from hard disk to controller.
An error on the disk controller.
Running out of non-paged pool resources on the server.
So I swapped a new SATA cable

I even took out my Hercules sound card which I suspect is a bit faulty. So now I'm on onboard sound, which incidentally render my XPS510 from a 5.1 speaker system to a 4.0 sounding like I'm listening to music or watching movie in the toilet. o.O

Its now 2AM. And I'm done! Thinking about my crappy PC makes me not happy! And when I'm not happy I wanna sleep it off, or I'll start smashing things to bits.


*and as I have said in my previous post, Happy FRiGGIN new year!!!!!