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so early in the morning I left for KL by means of AirAsia. Reached the air port around 8 am. damn dats early. Sat around till 9 am for my flight. The journey took 1 hours 50 mins. Then I took the Budget bus to central station down in KL. Add another 1 hour 20 mins. something like that. then I took a taxi, 4mins.

I reached my destination around, 1pm. While waiting for the interview I went to lunch at the mamak nearby the office.

So finally started the interview at 3 pm. They were scheduled to meet me at around 2pm. But because of KL traffic and stuff, my interview was pushed back to 3 pm.

So after much yakking on the interview, we realised tat it was nearly 5pm. o_O damn... 2 hours of interview. What did we talk about? I have no idea, I think it was about me!

I'd think that I'm a shy person. And I have trouble in public speaking(have to get myself into ToasMasters). I also have low self esteem & confidence. But somehow or rather I think I managed to talk my way through things in there. It's probably one of the benefits of my previous work as a corporate salesman. They do not seem to intimidate me as much as before. Which is good.

So now there is nothing much to do except wait for the out come of the interview.

I left the office around 5.30 pm and my flight was 7.40 pm. Definitely not good. There was heavy traffic and the rain was insane in KL. The taxi uncle (Mr Yu) was doing flying laps on the highways. I noticed that his taxi driving license was not renewed, Nov 2006. Hmmm... forgotten? There was strong vibration on the front left wheel. Probably he had hit a porthole and have not had the wheel looked at. Well thanks to him, I reached there 10 minutes before boarding time. >_< Didn't even have time to go relieve myself in the toilet!

So the flight back was quite boring for the most part. We sat around the airplane for a bit waiting for the ground crew to complete the refueling. Finally at 7.50 pm we took off. YAY, going home.

Now this next bit, is written down by me during the flight on my small notebook:

8.20pm - Some one farted. I suspect its the fellow sitting one row in front of me and 2 seats to the right. He switched on the air-conditioner vents to full blast with a cheeky smile on his face.

8.25pm - The cheeky fellow closed the air-conditioner vents, confirm its him! Bastard! No self control!!!

8.30pm - Turbulence! Our plane headed into bad weather. They are playing multi-lingual tape to get people to return back to their seats and buckle up. Languages spoken mandarin, malay, and tamil.

9.15pm - Landed in Kuching International Airport!

So I waited around for my friend to come fetch me, and then we scooted off to have my dinner. Chatted a bit and I reached home around 11pm. Check mail, blog, and slept!

What a long day, left the house at 8am, returned at 11pm. 15 hours total! 13 hours sitting around and waiting to get to and back from interview. Sheeeeesh.