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bullocks to you, 2007!

As we know its been a rainy season these days. I was having dinner with my family members, aunts, uncles and all. We had a great feast, everyone at the restaurant had a good meal. As the dinner was coming to the end, people started to leave. Because its still rainy season, I brought along my large umbrella. This was special, I bring it all the way from KL during a company trip.

>.< I came out and it was gone! I was worried when mom told me to put it at the rack, as I know local ppl totally suck and couldnt care less. Selfish. I waited till the end, we were the last to leave, hoping the fellow who "borrowed" it would return it.

Who ever you are(I know you will never read this, just wanted to clear it out of my system and not bring it to 2008), I hope you are well and didnt get wet, I hope your happy in making me wet when I went to fetch my car.


Hopefully ppl are nicer in 2008! Cheers!