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2007 year end review

So as 2007 comes to a close. The beginning of a new journey dawns.

This year has been year of many changes for me personally and professionaly. I went from a jobless student for donkey years to a highlypaid office boy. I met and made a lot of new friends from all over Malaysia (Penang, Ipoh, Melacca, Johor, Sabah, etc).

I traveled around as if AirAsia was a bus company. Some months I would fly 3 times to and fro to KL. It was hectic, and I dreaded travelling, as from the moment I leave my house it will be another 6 hours before I reach my destination. But it was also a good time for me to catch up on some reading. Not too bad after all. There was once I stayed in a hotel for three long weeks. OMG! How annoying is that ! I was away from home. We worked from sunrise to sundown. Weekends were boring, as most ppl went back to their hometown or something. So we outstation folks were left alone. Well the 3rd week as fan as we completed all our task and training there fore we had more time for some fun.

I had a good time in KL. Made a lot of new friends from work. Spent quite a fair bit of my salary there too. They sure love to drink and sing. Made more friends with folks from GRA. great bunch of drivers they are. Sure they got attitude, but that makes them more special.

I love Penang for the food, for the scenary for the people there. Too bad the photos I took were corrupted as my hard disk failed. I had not backed it up then, as that was a new album. Well hopefully next year I can revisit Penang. Take more shots. Eat more food.

I found many Kuching photobugs in Multiply. some were from other forums which we went to. And some how we all share a common interest, photopgraphy. I have been signed up to multiply for well over 3 years now. And some of them I have added before they had interest in photography. I too finally jumped into dSLR's poisonous world this year. I know nothing about it, but just do what I like. As long as we have fun. To me, its not the end result, it was the process which was fun. It helps when you go out with a bunch of folks who has the same interest. of course they want to excel in what they do, I jst would like to enjoy the company and capturing the moments (thats why I got so many behind the scenes as it documents a moment in time), just like a reporter.

regrets this year? no regrets. just let downs. hmm.. romantic relationship didnt work out this year. some friendships fell apart after 15 years. But thats part of life, we cant let the negative bits slow us down. As the experts always say, we grow and mature with adversity. So hopefully next year, I have a lot of troubles, so I can over come them and excel in what ever it is that 2008 has planned for me.