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back from miri

Fuh! finally I'm back in Kuching again. This time its from a trip down to Miri, to train my new staff (team member) who is based in Miri. I was there for two nights. Staying at the crappy hotel which I stayed at the previous round I was in Miri. Only plus point was that the food below the hotel/inn was pretty good but kinda pricey.

It was pretty uneventful in Miri, met up with some online car fanatic friends over there. During the day I was busy working. I had been super tired from the trip to Jangkar. Ans was still recovering but because I was walking around the whole day, my legs did not get any rest at all.

After the first day, my legs were very painful. So I asked my friends, and one of them recommended a massage parlor which was opposite my inn. Which was pretty good. So I went over after finishing my reports and got to the place. It had just been renovated and operated about a month plus already. The decor inside was pretty decent. I talked to the receptionist and told her my problem so she recommended me to talk to their in-house "SIFU".

The sifu is actually a young man probably around the same age as I am or a bit younger. He had a heavy Chinese accent when speaking mandarin. When I we got into the room he asked me to get on the bed and I tried my best to explain to him my situation. After that he recommended me to to acupuncture and then massage which all in all will cost me RM 120.00. I said fine as long as I can walk the next day.

So he asked me to take off my pants! I'm kinda feeling awkward right about now cos, its not everyday I get to strip to an unknown chinese sifu. :P Then I laid down on the mattress facing down and he started to rub me :P okay sounds kinda dirty but its not, please get the dirt out of your head! I was in pain! then he used those kung fu oil. I know what it is cos I have an uncle in Sabah who runs a martial arts center and he makes his own ointments. special brew. Then he took out the needles. It was my 1st time having such experience, in my undies !! I think total needles he used was 8. After sticking them in, he switch on some UV lights or something to keep my exposed buttocks and legs warm. And he left for about 10 mins.

When he came back, he took out the needles and we started rubbing again~. Wow.. the pain was intense! I felt like kicking the bugger and start punching him in the face. haha~ I'd probably lose to him if it came to that. But after it was all rubbed and done, I felt fantastic. I could walk better without limping like an old man. So I paid, and went for dinner and went back to my room.

The next day, the pain was still there but it felt much much better. I can feel it getting better by the hour.

By today the pain hand nearly gone. I must say, it was the most worth it expensive massage that I have been to.

Part of the problem with my situation going bad was because of the work shoes. Its really worn after more than 10 years of service. The souls were thining badly, I can feel the surface I'm stepping on. So I bought myself a Hush Puppies Spring Air leather shoes. Feels good. Kinda tight cos its new. Hopefully gets looser soon.

well thats it for now, time for rest!