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wet, tired and sore

whew wat a weekend!

flew to Kuala Lumpur yesterday at around 11am. Headed to Equatorial Resort in Bangi. As my colleague Steven got married and had his wedding reception there. The room was quite decent! He provided me the room. Mr Yip and I shared the room.

Today after checking out, me and Mr Yip went to eat the famous Fish Head noodles in duno where lar.. Im bad with directions... bah! Then he dropped me off at Amcorp Mall... I have been meaning to go to Amcorp mall but never found the time. SO this was not a planned visit. I walked in, and I found J One. A famous for decently price photo gear company. And I made a unscheduled purchase of a manfroto tripod costing RM 630.00.

Then I went off to Shah Alam. To watch the GRA Round 4. It was fantastic! I wish we had something similar in Kuching. It rained quite hard. I got wet, my sports shoes got wet, my socks were wet.

I was there from 1pm till 7pm. lugging around my camera bag which was about 3.5kg and the spanking brand new tripod about 3kg. -_- now my left shoulder is so sore. especially my left collar bone. Ouch!

But it was worth it. I got to practice more on my panning shots. I understand more now. Thing is still not used to the VR lens which I borrowed from Stephen. The stabilizer system is wonderful on still objects, but once the lens move, it has a really strange sensation. As the gyro is fighting your hand motion.

So since the air tickets were already paid for, lets look at how much I spent on TAXI rides this round.

  1. Airport to Equatorial Bangi resort - RM 43.00
  2. AmCorp Mall to Shah Alam Stadium - RM 30.00
  3. Taman Mayang to LCCT - RM 70.00
So all in all my taxi travels around KL is RM 143.00. The most expensive was the ride from Taman Mayang. Not only did the driver take the wrong road, he was not experienced driver, very twitchy and almost made me late for check in. When I reached the air port, I had only 4 mins to check in. Didnt even allow me time to grab something to eat!

I reached kch around 11.30 pm. Took a taxi ride home, RM 14.50. Super expensive for a ride no more than 5 mins away. -____-

Time to sleep! Have to work tomorrow!