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back home!

YES! I have returned to the land of the hornbills!

Quite happy to be back. I was spending money like crazy in KL. blah.

Reached KL on the 2nd of October and came back last night on the 7th of October.

  • 2nd - Spent around RM 220.00 Karaoke! DRINKING LIQUEUR! The best part I dont drink NOR sing! So I just sat there as my colleagues drank and sang! =__=
  • 3rd - Spent around RM 80.00 Dinner for Two! An old friend birthday on the 2nd, so treated her to dinner on the 3rd. Have not seen her since she left Kuching about 1 year ago. Good to catch up. Worth it!
  • 4th - Spent around RM 98.00 Massage! My goodness the small gal damn power. My neck was sore for 2 days! But I'm all good now. All tender and soft... wahaha!
  • 5th - Lost RM 30.00 playing poker with colleagues. Not worth it. I dont have poker face.
  • 6th - Spent RM 120.00 on TWO shirts, and RM 24 on movies and RM 30.00 on lunch. Had lunch with a friend who came back from OZ, have not seen her in........ 3 years... we used to study together, then we watched a movie. Some HK comedy. okay lar.. worth cos catch up. Den I went to buy 2 D1 official merchandise shirts.
  • 7th - Spent RM 12.00 watching Resident Evil! and RM 1,350.00 on a Nikon SB-800 Speedlight Flash system. Watched Resident Evil, the third installment, very nice. The character Alice really draws the viewers into the movie. I actually didn't wanna buy the flash unit yet. I wanted to buy a decent tripod 1st. But, my friend is getting married and have asked me to help her take some photos. And there is no choice but the skip the tripod and head of the flash.
So all in all. This has been one of the most expensive trips I have had to KL since I joined this company.


I hope I can take good photos and not muck it up.