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ah... it was a great weekend. Didn't really do much of anything. Didn't take photos. Only few snapshots of the raya visitation. Then drove alot, ate alot, drank alot. Awesomes!

I manage to process 3 albums and uploaded them to multiply. Whews! At least less back log now. Still more to go but it was a good feeling to clear them. I still have not processed the Penang photos. Don't feel like it tho. cos much of them is corrupted. :-( sigh.

now back at work. in office, dont feel like working. feels like going back home and sleep. what a great weekend. switched off all alarms. woke up at 1030am. ahh... feels like old time. go out when ever I want, play computer all day... those were the good ol'days.

Im quite broke, I paid off my flash unit. RM 1,350. Just to avoid the late payment and interest. Now I have to last till 28th (payday). sigh. I'll be going to kuala lumpur on the 26th till 28th. Cecilia and Thomas are getting married. They have asked me to help them take some photos of the ceremonies. Hmm... I have to pay for my own tickets, accommodations, transportations, and because of the wedding I bought the flash unit. And dont forget the red packet!

Yeah, Speaking of the flash unit, tested it during raya, got better results than the built in flash. Within the next two days, I should receive two packs of Maha rechargeable batteries. cost me RM 99.00 for the two sets of 4 AA's. I have not buy the charger yet. That cost around RM 200.00

Just for a wedding, so far I have spent RM 360 on airtickets, RM 1350 flash, RM 99 battery. RM 1,809 so far. As the days draw closer, the more I will spend .z.z.z.z.z.z.... lucky for me I'm working.