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new year~ whats so happy about it?

Hmm.. have not been bloggin fer... two weeks? three weeks!

Wow, time sure flies when one is doing nothing.

I have updated a few posts in Multiply. So lets see what I did after my prev. post. Did some photoshopping, and some mosiac of my 2006.

Had a pretty boring new year... I have been going to play badminton A LOT. Oh yea... today my friend, Gabby, gave me his old badminton racket. Carbonex8. Oh well, better than nothing. Having it stringed, should be ready for tomorrows game! Can't wait to try it out.

Blackmobile, took another RM600.00 out of my wallet... RM 600.00 which I don't have yet! So I still have not paid the workshop that cured my baby. Ack! Need to find work quickly!!!

On the topic of owing money, I still owe Jon RM 200.00 for the unfinished job he did on our pet project. Should I pay? But a deal is a deal. Oh well... Drats now thats RM 800.00!

I seem to owe my cell company RM 180.00 in call charges. So that's RM 980.00

Whoop! almost forgot another RM 170.00 I owe to Uncle Terry. o.O RM 1,150.00

Income tax has sent its yearly junk mail...

Woo hoo.. great start to 2007... Happy FRiGGIN new year!!!!!


Oh yeah... And in this auspicious year, I got my heart broken.