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police and my neighbour

Okay... this has actually been going on for quite a while... well for the past 3 weeks or so. My neighbour calls on the police to take the son away... today is the 5th time that I know of. The old man is a pretty interesting fellow, he keeps about 10 dogs(local bred), and feeds them by throwing the meat on the ground. He feeds birds by leaving rice on the ground as well... hmmm... and he goes around using a bicycle. So far so good.. a friendly environmentalist? or many a cheepskate, I dont know, it depends on who is commenting. All I know is that the poor kid is now somewhere in the police station. Why? I have no idea. He went quite peacefully... *handcuffed* well in the photo... the red circle is the dad, the green circle is where the kid is sitting....

The neighbourhood rumour is that the kid had a mental breakdown from all the stress of studying... what a morning!