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late nite

So I'm back to house sitting for my uncle last nite... and tonite too... I still have not gone over yet. Kinda miss my PC. LoL. His house no pc. So I cant watch my downloaded movies... nor can I play games... nor can I do much coding. or blogging for that matter.

So last nite, I left my house around 1.30 am. And I got abit hungry, so I drop by McDonald's, and purchased some McNuggets, and went to my uncles house. I switched on the TV and tuned into a Taiwanese show called THE GANG OF KUO KUAN which was showing on Astro. Its about 3 guys who interview people and talk about many many "interesting" issues in Taiwan. And their guests for that particular show was 4 foreigner living in Taiwan. It was 3 guys and 1 gal. Only one guy was not married. And one of the fellow was from Nigeria, married to a Taiwan lady.

Hmm... and they all speak Mandarin... WOw... I was like o.O" wtf, words roll out like machine gun. Here I am a born chinese who has to think and select words even translate before speaking... Then they even added the Mi Nan Yi... taiwanese version of hokkien... It was so entertaining. They were talking about how hard it was for them, as they are foreigners in a foreign land.

Thumbs up to them you know... I still find it amazing that they speak mandarin.. ish... so jealous... haha no doubt I have better pronounciation but they use words that I have never used before LoL! Shame on me!

And at the end of the show, the single dude got up, played the guitar and sang Wu Bai's song... it was not good, but he sure knows his song~