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swagman story

So, I was up at SBC working on the sprikler system. One time I had some bad food and had to go to the toilet really bad. And there was this building there that was slated for demolishing. Of course it was about week away from being demolished. So I quickly went in ... wah... old skool dunny... squat one... what the hell, when you have to go, you have to go. So I there squating & crapping wearing my swagman hat then suddenly this fellow open the door. While I was doing my thing, with a very painful face. I couldnt even shout. LoL I looked at him, he seem shock! Cos there was someone there taking a crap. He was the electritian removing all the lights and switches. So he left me to do my thing... he kept saying "Sorry Sorry Sorry" I was like yea yea yea saw my skinny pale butt already... wat can I say... the door had no lock... strangest toilet ever.

I was in there for friggin 15 mins... man.. I couldnt even stand up when I was done. My legs were asleep~!

How does a swagman look like? Check out my photo below... I got the Swagman when I did my "time" in aussieland. Handy to keep ya from sunburn.

Well, you can also see the sprinker system at work in the background~

^_^ Thats the story of the swagman~!