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i am brown

Yup... I am brown.

For the past 3 weeks I was up at Semongok working at a place called Sarawak Biodiversity Center. It was a contract for a sprinkler system for their seedlings and plants.

On the first few days of the work, I was baked like a cake. I came home two toned. Then after 3 days, because the skin was not healed yet, I went back and like the sweat got under the dead skin which was suppose to peel. Check out the photos.

I'm basically "well" now, not as brown as before. The skin turned black after the first week. hahaha I felt so "indian" as my friend would put it. I have not been this dark since secondary school.

I'm not sure if you can see it in the photos but its there. Trust me! Its kinda cool, as your skin dries there are pockets of sweat under the skin. Then when poke it, it burst and all the sweat inside comes out.

There you go, the sprinkler system at work. Its like, early morning mists... once you walk thru the enclosure, your all WET! hahaha kinda fun and exhausting experience. I got bruised and burnt in many places. Sore feet, tired fingers. Oh well, at least I got abit of the sun, which is much better from the usual monitor radiation~ : )