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movie goers today...

I don't quite understand. Is it me quite easily satisfied or has my expectations from movies come down?

Recently I watched X-Men III: The Last Stand, Superman Returns, Pirate Of The Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. All these movies I find them quite entertaining and well done. And yet I see people complaining about how bad and dissapointing the movies are.

Everyone has become a critic, complaining about the plots and about story focus yada`yada.

X-Men III, If you have not seen it, then you best not see it 'cos many characters from Part 1 & 2 dies in the 3rd installment. :P So ? Its a good thing. If you have followed the comics you will know there are alot of great mutants around. If non of them go away, how would it be possible to showcase the others? Then there are those who are X-Men fanatics (who have the book 1 till the lastest copy) they are like how can they kill of the characters~? Its not according to the books! Duuhhh... Why should the movie follow the comic books? If it was all the same, then just go read the bloody comic books. I believe Brett Ratner wanted to do different things with this movie to set it apart from what Bryan Singer did with the previous Xmens. Sure there were some sections which are lacking but over all a very enjoyable movie.

Superman Returns, a bloody lengthy movie. At 2 hours 45 mins. I was shocked to find out that it was so long. Well, this movie was a suprise for me, I find myself enjoying it very much. I like how Bryan Singer, who also directed the 1st and 2nd X-Men movies. I was expecting the movie to be BAD. But some how he portrayed superman at his best. I'm sure we all know how strong the man of steel is. Basically the 1st was the best, then it slowly went downhill till The Quest for Peace. That one really hit rock bottom for the Superman franchise. I think Bryan Singer made really good decissions on this movie. Sticking with the original John Williams score and having John Ottman build from it. Really brings the character into its own with the background music playing. 2 hours and 45 minutes of cinematic enjoyment! I seriously was thinking of flying to Kuala Lumpur to catch the movie in IMAX, as they were showing it in 3D. Now I really wished I had. The special effects were so good that it looked real. No wonder it took 3 directors, a list of cast changes, mutliple script and 10 years to complete.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest. This movie was 2 hours 35 mins long! Okay this movie has a plot. And its GOOD. If you have loved the first installment, you also see many characters from the previous movie come back into the second one. I have read some peoples comment that there was ZERO plot. I guess you were busy LOLing during the movie. I will not go into details as it would be a spoiler. The CGI was amaizing! The flow was seamless. Every scene kept the story going. The worse part is my friend, he said the movie was good but the ending was bad, then I told him, there is a sequal. Part 3 then he said "Oh, then its good" =.="

So all in all I find those 3 movies really enjoyable. I guess people now adays like to be a critic and get people to say yes yes you are correct. I'm sorry I disagree. I am an avid movie go-er. I hit the cinemas as much as I can and as often as I can. I use to be critical about everything in the movie, going in with high expectations and what not's. That I get dissapointed everything looking for the MATRIX replacement. Then I realised if I step back and went in to the cinema without preconceptions and expectations, I usually come out with greater appreciation of the movie and found the movie enjoyable. Plot, score, character development, flow of events, style, setting and genre all will contribute to the enjoyment of the movie. Of course if the movie was really bad such as the Scary Movie series then its really bad. The worst thing is that people now find Scary Movie a good movie. over the 3 I have mentioned above. *sigh* you guys are sad.