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snatch thief

Last night I was at Casa De Davide, a nice eatery joint in Kuching where they serve decent pizza & pasta. I witnessed a snatch thief stealling a lady's handbag right in front of my eyes. And he got away!!!

I could not do anything because I was inside the establishment the lady was sitting outside cos they were smoking. (Inside no smoking mar!)

All I saw one (using a helmet[the crazy frog type] & raincoat) guy approach this three gals, hurriedly, pushed one of the gals, and then ran. Then the gal (who got pushed) ran after the fellow. It all happened in a flash.

I was thinking to myself, why is this fellow pushing the gal so hard, does he know her? Then when he ran off, I was still thinking they must know each other, maybe a prank, then when she ran after the fella I know at that moment it was a snatch! But the fella already out of sight! o.O glasses went flying too. It would probably not happen if we sat outside. Actually we did. Then it started to rain, so me and my buddy moved inside. Not to say that we could prevent anything or do anything, but maybe more people outside, the thief would think twice? Maybe? It was fate. I don't like wet pizza ^_^

I talked to David, and he said this was the 3rd time it has happened since they moved to the new location. One time failed and two successes. He even put more potted plants around, trying to make movement difficult, but it does not really work as the council will not allow people to block the walkway. Poor gals, it was friday, they were having abit of gals nite out, happily chit-chatting away, when all this crap happened.

So if your at Padungan and sitting outside, keep your valuables in a hard to get possition, and don't leave your phones & such on the table. (bad habit of mine leaving my orange phone on table). Not only a warning to the ladies to the guys too. I notice alot of people now adays leave valuables on the table when they are eating.

Never say never.