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interesting video

Well.. woke up this morning, and a friend sent me this video... take a look...

I think this was shot in St Joseph Secondary School Miri, Sarawak... kids can be so mean. But the worse part of this video is that it was actually recorded and published. As far as I know some newspapers have already picked up on this "hot news". I think this is not new, we all have our shares of bullying in our days. Either being bullied or bullying people. Me? I'd be somewhere in the middle. I was not there, I was busy playing my video games.


[EDIT: well apparantly youtube took out the video as offensive material. Check out sinchew.com for the more detailed description about the video. Oh its in Chinese get a translator.]

[EDIT2: Another paper has picked up on this news.. www.thestar.com.my its so shocking! People are repulsed by the video, I wonder why, seriously I wonder why]