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tattoo aftercare

This was taken off www.borneoheadhunter.com

Tattoo After Care
Here is a list of things that you should do once you've gotten yourself a tattoo.

1. Take the bandage/cover off after 2-3 hours.
2. Give the tattooed area a mild soap wash twice daily using only your hand.
3. Make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.
4. Pat it dry with an unused clean towel.
5. Let the tattoo "air dry" for at least an hour.
6. Then for the next 3 days, apply a light smear of antiseptic cream 2 -3 times daily. (Use either Savlon by Johnson & Johnsons or Dettol Cream. Do not use Vaseline.)
7. Do this until all the scabs come off.
8. After the third day, switch to any non-perfumed moisturising cream or lotion.
9. If your tattoo starts to peel, do not pick or scratch, let it shed naturally for the best results. Apply lotion to keep it moist.
10. If your tattoo itches, don't scratch it! Instead, slap it to make the itch go away.
Once it is healed, apply sunblock before spending an extended time outside.
11. You may want to have it touched up every few years to keep it looking new and vibrant.
12. Remember:
-Do not at any time, scrub your tattoo before it is fully healed. A tattoo is considered completely healed when it is about 3 months old.
-No skin to skin contact with people or pets.
-No scratching, picking or peeling.
-No swimming, sauna, jacuzzi or tub.
-No direct sunlight for at least one (1) month.
-No tanning salon or contact sports.
-No shaving.

Note: Please remember that the outcome of your tattoo depends on how you take care of it.

Hmm.. why did Manku ask us to use Vaseline?