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Woke up this morning early as soon as the alarm rang. Normally I wake up one hour after the alarm rings. I was thinking good start to a new day. Right. Went online check mail, forums and what not's. Done. Shower, shaved, etc etc... then had some bread for breakfast, as was eating some peanuts. Then I proceeded to rinse my mouth as there were many peanut thingys stuck to my teeth, guess what when I spit out the water, out came one of my tooth fillings that I got during my stay in Australia. WTF!!! That filling cost like well over AUD$700.00 =.= Getting that filling done basically stopped me from going to Melbourne. And I had to stay home during the holidays! Well luckily some friends and I then went on a road trip around Queensland.

Anyways I immediately drove to the bank, withdrew some money and directly went to the dentist. And got things patched up for RM25.00 >.< Sure the place aint got no fancy waiting room. or high tech ways to make you feel that their service was better. The dentist didnt even have a computer in sight!

Bah! back to work