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LCCT stands for Low Cost Carrier Terminal. Its basically behind the multi-billion airport Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Here is the problem, because LCCT basically caters for low cost carriers, its now dominated by flights from Air Asia. And I didn't see any other carriers around. The LCCT ground crew were rude and abit abusive in their language. As you can see from the photo above, we were all herded around like sheep to follow an invinsible road. Basically the ground crew is the marker. You cant walk around them, you have to turn a corner eventho there is nothing moving about on the tarmac (eg, planes or vehicles).

I can understand it if SMOKING was prohibited as I dont know, maybe the air might catch fire??? But not allowing people to use cellphones? Okay fine I wont use it. In this instance, I had my phone already ON, thats how I got the photo, and when I put it in my pouch, a ground crew came by and shouted quite rudely "Oi... switch off your hand phone!!!" To which I responded with a cold stare and "radio la..." cos I had my headphone in my w800i. I guess the fellow was abit shocked when I stared at him, there was abit of panic in his eyes. So I let him be and I went on my merry way following the invincible road to the terminal, listening to my mp3s.

I mean, while we are using low cost carriers, it does not mean all the passengers are low cost. Ever hear of "a penny saved is a penny earned"?


In LCCT there were only few shops and wat not. Not suprisingly I found McDonalds, had open up a branch there as well. Cool! I thought. I love McDonalds! So I got my boarding passes and paperwork in order, and ordered a Double Cheeseburger McValue meal which costs nearly RM11.00 including taxes. I was shocked!!! Because back home in Kuching here, a Medium sized McValue Double Cheeseburger only costs about RM7.50 what a cocker!

On the bright side of LCCT, they have the RM9.00 bus that goes to and fro from LCCT to Sentral Station in KL city. They have busses every 20 mins or so, the ride takes about an hour or so depending on traffic. So far I had used it 4 times. I'm pretty happy with it. Eventho it was abit cramped inside.