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back from holiday

Okay. Whew finally back from holiday. This time it really felt like a holiday. I went to Bali, Indonesia last week. From 13-05-2006 to 19-05-2006. I went alone from Kuching>Kuala Lumpur>Bali to meet up with an old internet friend. Whom I have never met before. Ooki had arrived earlier than me so she picked me up and at the end of the trip even sent me off hahaha.

When I reached the hotel, and unpacked some clothing I realised I had left my digital camera at my friends place in Kuala Lumpur!! Gosh, I was such as dumbass. I kicked myself about it all trip, and I'm still kicking myself till now. Sheesh, I cannot believe that I left it in KL. Lucky Ooki had her camera with her, so I had to 'share' it with her =) and she had brought along her Laptop. And some blank CD's to copy the photos into the CDs. I think she has got sixth sense! Because we basically filled the camera when we went out to see the historical sites.

Anyways, I missed STATE POLLING which happened over the weekend that I was in Kuala Lumpur. Now I'm back in Kuching, and back at work. Actually now I'm in the office, and the boss is sitting at his desk.

Oh I hate my job.