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great scotts, the thunder!

The heavens opened up again on the fair city of Kuching late yesterday afternoon. Raining cats and dogs from the skys. This time the higher power had a different agenda then prunning. As far as I know, many satelite recievers were killed. Including mine (my mom had nothing to do last nite & missed her soap). A number of other people had their modem's, routers and network cards fried. A close friend had both modem & the router killed by electrocusion. Both bodies have been bagged and tagged.

I think this time the powers that be, wanted us to disconnect from the electronic mediums that we rely upon every day. =.= me already quite disconnected. I took out my PC for a week just to see how it feels. Well my dad told me to, but I thought it was an interesting experiment as my life has becomed too dependant on my PC.

But now, I think I'm okay, I can live without the PC. So next would be how to get over my phone. Oh man, that would be so hard to do !!! Argh! I'm so afraid just thinking about it!