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kong pia

Okay... These are few more photos taken during my trip down to Sarikei last weekend. This is where they make yummy kong pia's. I know I said I would not do food 'reviews' like other bloggers always do, but hey. I'm not, really! I don't take photo's of the food. I am letting those who are not in the know how this is made! LOL!!!

In the above picture, you can see the 'production line'. Right at the end where the lady in yellow is, is where it starts. They mix the dough and make them into balls. Then its moved to be squashed and sesame seeds then the 'oven'.

Once its cooked, the flat pieces of dough expands and the fellow scraps it out with a stick with metal bits into a metal net.

It only took 10 mins to cook. Why? See the image above, I circled it, its actually a 3" blower. Where air is blown into the charcoal below. Oh yeah, this fellow uses charcoal instead of gas. Anyways this process is quite similar to how the indians make naan(not sure how its spelt). The dough is stuck to the walls of the pot and cooked like dat.

This was the first time I had kong pia fresh. It was delicious. Usually what we get here in kuching, is cold and brick hard. But its very chewy therefore quite nice to eat with coffee. The fresh ones, honestly I believe would taste even better with coffee. But I didn't had time to try it, Had to drive back to Kuching.