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bbq (last week)

Hahaha finally got around to keying everything in... (I hope)

Let's see... right. Last friday (good friday) me and a few friends from my website went to Wind Cave for some BBQ. Not many turned up as they were either napping or being good christains, they didn't consume meat and was fasting. So we headed off from MJC around 11a.m. in four cars. Total 7 people. Guess who was the lonely driver?

Right, thats the place we decided to do the BBQ. They pits were F.O.C. and there was proper toilets nearby(pay to use, price? dont know I didn't use :-D).

And lets get on with the goodies... Yummy Yummy. Thanks Dennis for prepin the meat :-D


Well the first batch of wings took one hour to cook! But it turned out to be the best batch. The rest was good but not as good as the first. The following batches were 'fast food' grade. Because we were all hungry and increased the amount of fuel (charcoal).

We cleaned up and left around 4p.m. just before it started to rain. Had a nice drive back home... Ahh... what a relaxing day.. Must return to jump into the river. Didn't get to during this trip as the night before there were heavy rain. Therefore the river was brown(muddy).

For more photos head to my Flickr BBQ Set.