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cheng beng

Its that time of the year again. Its a time when most chinese go back to their home town to pay their respects to their deceased relatives. As for me its a yearly ritual to a town called Sarikei. This was where my Grandad & Grandma spent their years there. Then they all moved to Kuching, where I grew up. I still have cousins, aunt & uncles living there. But its getting less as more and more are moving to Kuching.

This year it seems the offerings are less. Few years back there was hand phones and dvd players made of paper which was to be burnt as offerings.

As you can see from the photo above. These are shoes for the ladies. Then there are for the gents as well.

The ones on the right are shirts. Again some designs are for the ladies and some are for the gents.

This is how the not so traditional graveyard in Sarikei looks like.... There are more than one as it depends on which association(clan) your with.

As you can see, both christian and non christain tenants can live quite peacefully here. :)

Hmm... burning the offerings. MmMmMmMmmm... flames... I like....

The fellow standing there is my uncle who went up with us from Kuching. Speaking of which it took us 4 hours 15 mins to reach Sarikei from Kuching. Last time it used to take us about 6 hours plus to get to Sarikei. Wow. The roads sure have improved!

This is Uncle Lam. You can see him just behind the pits in the pics above. :) When I took the pic, he say not leng zhai (handsome) enough so I took another one... Cute? Leng Zhai or not ?

Well, another blog down the tubes~! till next time.


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