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Lost and found

About three weeks ago, a friend of mine lost his Proton Iswara in front of Hilton Kuching. The thing special about his ride are his 17" of bling bling rims and a made in Japan exhaust system.

Then last week wednesday I saw this....

So the above vehicle had rims which was similar to what my friend had on his ride. I went up and down the street few times and took some photos and went on to find my friend. I showed my friend the photo and he went " wow, nice car,..." then paused " hey.. that rim looks familiar ". Then we all jumped into a friends car and went to see the above vehicle. We did a few passes and confirmed that the rim was his. We then went to the police station and made a report.

Next day, the police went and confiscate the above vehicle. And apprehending the owner for further investigation. The owner said, "I purchase this rim from so and so for RM 600.00... bla... bla... bla..." the police, "its okay we will settle everything in the police station" so we all left. The police and the owner went to the police station, and we went on our way.

Thirty mins later, my friend got a call from the police saying that they had found the vehicle. o.O which was suprising, but the killer is that the car was inside the workshop where I saw the car!

In anycase, we all went back and confirmed the car, it was dented here there, and damaged abit. but basically intact, with its expensive exhaust system.

The above photo is my friends car being towed to the police station parking where it will stay until the case is solved and closed.

The bumper was damaged by the tow truck >.<