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Uh... Have not been updating for about a month. Been busy working and preparing for the autokhana event. =.="

Actually wanted to write something something about the price increase of petrolium. But decide to keep my comments to myself. I'll write something about it when the rest of the subsidy is removed.

Besides working, downloading TV series on torrents, I have also been busy with playing Mah-Jong. I'm pretty new to the game. Had always wanted to play it finally I have some kaki who are as green as me.

Super Sunday Photos taken with my phone (in case you dont know its the SE W800i)....

The Nissan Bluebird vs Proton Putra. This is good, the Blubird is a daily driven car, to the market and to pick up kids, beat the Putra, which is supposedly a 'race-spec' vehicle. LOL!!!

Mitsubishi Galant Vs Proton Perdana... The six cyclinder 'ate' the four in a quarter mile ... no suprise there!

Check out the intercooler!!! SwEEt.. but the car was also eaten by the CRX, another turbo vehicle eaten by the blue monster.

Yawn... such a long day... trying to focus on listening to some podcast, but realised that I have missed out three weeks of podcast as well. Hmm... where have I been???