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oh happy days

hmm... kekeke. I'm so happy today. Finally got my brought my motor for a valve fitting. It was hard to clock 500 km when I barely go out these days. But I manage to clock up to around 400km+. So now that all the 8 valves are fitted. I can go tune my carby. ugh. One whole week of vibrating seat is no fun. Didn't really give it a test after I got it out of the work shop. Just short burst of acceleration. Significantly better than last week. The power was not sluggish at all. Unlike before, when I pressed the accelerator, I can hear the carby working really hard but the acceleration does not equates.

The throttle response has also become better. Torque level has also increase as the head was skimmed a few millimeters.

I had a fun drive coming back home. After I fueled up at a petrol kiosk. I drove normally for a while, (till I reach a stretch of road where I usually test, its quite safe, no exits nor entries just straight open road). Then I slowly opened up the throttle, in a matter of seconds I was already in 4th gear.


Of course tomorrow would be better, as I will give it a proper tuning. The mechanic does not really know the weber carburetor as well as me. I'm not an expert, but I know more about it then them. LoL. Oh well, cant sleep, too excited for tomorrow.


It's alive!