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blackmobile is sick

Well, my car died. Sort of... I guess in human terminologies it would be considered a heart attack? or maybe flooding of the lungs? Three days ago I was happily going to dinner at a fancy restaurant, when the engine started to feel, funny. I dismissed it to wet spark plugs, and went on our merry way. After dinner, we went to meet some friends and had a small tea session.

This is Afdzal, a friend who was with me for dinner & supper.

So after all that is said and done, we all left around 1130pm. I sent my friend back, but noticed the water temperature was rising quickly and was not going down. Once it touched red, I decided to stop and wait for it to cool down.

Gosh, nearly made it to the traffic light!

After waiting for about 15 minutes I opened the radiator cap to find that all the water have dried up. Drats, I had to call the in calvary. So I dialed a friends number, and he popped by after another 15 minutes.

Yet another angle.

After that we went for more tea, and finally retired home around 2a.m. in the morning.

Well the police couldn't be bothered. While we were there, two petrol cars pass us by and didn't even slow down. Bah! One fellow did slow down, two indians driving a white Proton Satria. But that time my friend have arrived. So they indians left.

more heart breaking news to come.