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silver rings

I went to hot spring at anna rais for deeparaya, and just for fun, I dropped my ear rings into the sulphuric water to see what will happen to the silver. Of course it became tarnished very quickly. So I came home and found that my old rings (which I no longer use) are also tarnished. Therefore I quickly decided to do an experiment.

It was said that to bring back the shine on silver... drop the silver into a foil cup, add salt and hot water. Great, seems easy enough, lets have a go and see if it works...

Right, the photo above is the condition of the ring. Didn't want to use the ear rings cos it was too small. I'm already having trouble focusing (not my fault, because of the water damage, my w800i is having some issues with its camera functions).

The next photo (above) is all the rings, into the foil cup (its tin foil or is it alluminium foil made into a cup). Make sure there are no leaks, and you might want to use a tweezer. As you will be handling hot water.

Drats, my "cup" had a leak, you still can see the water level, but it was quite quickly draining out. Hmm... it seems there is a bit of shine coming thru ^^

And here is the end result~ well does not look like much but it was a marked improvement over its tarnished state prior. The black spots you see in the front apparently are joints(assumed). Else how do you reckon they made a ring?

My ear rings were fine as well, after the wash, I had a quick polish and its shinning like new :) until it starts to tarnish again!

Interestingly, gold does not go dull on me. Only silver goes tarnish... maybe I'm fated to use GOLD!


Gosh, 2:59AM! time for bed!