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going to the movies

what the heck. it pisses me off every time I go out for a movie. few things, getting people to go, basically organizing it. as everyone has their own time schedule and stuff. or things going on in their lives I find it kind of hard coordinating it, working around their "lives". Some would not give a definitive answer till the very last minute. And even then the answer is always a no. Recently I watched a movie called Death Note. An excellent Japanese movie by the way. I don't know why its so hard to get people to go to the cinema now a days.

To me its a time where everyone gets away from their lives and meet up for a good time (bad if the movies is bad). For two hours, get away from all the worries and troubles (not that I have any). A time to go to another world. And be entertained. I go out of my way, calling everyone, make bookings, purchasing the tickets before hand. I have missed out on many good movies, because of my friends "life schedule" was conflicting with the show times. And I don't think I want to go watch movies alone. It just defeats the purpose that I state above.

Its so much hassle. I think I need a Movie Buddy(ies). Anyone who enjoys a good movie, and cant find a partner please call me. So we go watch the movies together then after that we go on our merry ways. No strings attached.

Hmm... I guess I'm just lame. or many I don't have a life. thats why I find GOING to the movies so enjoyable. I mean, I do most of my work at home online in front of a PC. Even tho connected to the net 24/7, it still feels quite lonely. I like to go out on outings, bbqs, drives, but I dont get to do it as much now as before cos everyone is busy. I skip a lot of breakfast & lunch because everyone else has already had their lunch and breakfast. Like today, I woke up around 10+ then asked a friend to go lunch. He already had lunch to he suggested afternoon tea. Fine, I waited till 245pm for my breakfast+lunch.

Maybe I need a real job. So I can be like the other zombies. At least then I'll get to see some action in my back accounts.