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The Real Sarawak Laksa

hmmm... laksa... one of the most favorite food for residents of Kuching.

I personally love LAKSA. Its unlike what they have in Singapore or West Malaysia. Our local flavor is a bit different. Tastier. Hmm.. Just thinking and writing about it makes my mouth water. I would say it gets a bit of getting use to if your familiar with other versions of laksa.

Any case, the purpose of this post is to help promote a blog by a friend of mine. http://real-sarawaklaksa.blogspot.com yes you guess right. It's all about laksa and nothing else. Details of the places are given, prices, and such. I really have to give props to them for taking so much laksa in a month. Its not healthy as its too rich. Too much santan(coconut milk?). Not good for health.

In any case, if your wondering where to go to try out laksa or if your in the vicinity, hit the blog.