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hmm... stayed home all day. Didn't go visiting. I'm still sore all over from the intensive badminton training over the weekend. And I think I might have landed incorrectly on my left ankle. So its a bit.. unstable right now. My forearm is so sore as well. My wrist is dead. My mouse feels so heavy.

I wish I had gone out for some CURRY! *sigh*

So I stayed home all day.. had some juice and played a bit of FEAR and started working on my Project X paper. I wonder if all my studies would actually be coming handy right now. As it seems that I'm needing to refer to the research books that I used in my Uni. I guess all those money spent on the books didn't really go to waste. Money on my mind was wasted cos I still need to refer to the books. hahaha. I guess should have just bought the books and be done with it aye?

Two websites to finish, one Project X paper to complete. My brain is so fried.*fizzzzzz*