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Since yesterday was a public holiday, which does not really matter to me :-) me and a few friends we went up to a natural hot springs in the middle of the forest. To a place called Anna Rais. A secluded location at close to the border between Malaysia & Indonesia. The location is about 90 mins drive from Kuching.

The road towards the location is surprisingly good. There was a Kampung, just before the spring, about 10 mins drive. Well its a longhouse, for those who have never been to an authentic one, this might be a good place to check out a longhouse. They charge RM 5.00 per entry. The money is used for development of the kampung. The place had not cellphone coverage for ALL networks!

The water of the river was crystal clear. And ice cold... man, it was good... The spring itself was directly under the river. Some spots are hot and others not. Some are boiling.

See the image above, clear fresh mountain water...

I'm not sure if you can see it, but the lower right side of the photos, is where a small area was marked out into a small cove, stones were used to slow down the flow of fresh cold water, therefore allowing the water in the small cove to warm up.

We arrived around noon time, then I started a fire, for the BBQ, and once the fire started like after 10 mins, I went out into the water till it was time to eat !!! Thanks Shane & Ivy for cooking :-)

Well, it was a good trip. Too bad the water was a bit shallow, if not it would have been excellent!


So we left around 4pm and along the way back to civilization, I got cellphone signal and a friend asked me to go play badminton. I reached home around 5.30pm and they booked the court for 6pm sharp. Drats, I had a quick shower and took my gear and went over for a TWO HOUR session, with no back up players. There was only four of us playing. So there was not much time for rest. I never played 8 matches in two hours before >_<. AND to top it off, I was hungry, I had not had my dinner yet!

After our session, went to have some food and went back home. took a shower, and the bed looked so inviting, I laid down for awhile, Aaahh... It felt so good, when I opened my eyes it was 2 am in the morning. =.=" So I went and brushed my teeth, check mail abit, and went back to bed. Woke up 10 am the next morning. Yawn! So sore...

Thats it, another boring day in Gerald's mundane life.