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Just reached the office. On the way here I witnessed a near collision between a Toyota Corolla KE70 and a Hyundai accident Accent. Near the General Hospital. There is an exit to Crookshank road. A silver Proton Gen2 decided not to queue up and cut right to the head of the line, but braking at the very last minute. Some how some bugger allowed him thru. If it was me. I would have not moved. The lady in the KE70 seemed a bit dazed and shocked. But IMHO, I think its bumper scratched the Accents rear. Then this particular Gen2 sped off forcing his way across the road with traffic coming from his left.

It got me thinking, when I got my summon for speeding recently, a good friend of mine said I was a reckless and inconsiderate. Which I had to agree. But seeing this situation, I wondered, am I really in the reckless and inconsiderate category???

So if I continue to drive at 40kmph like what I do for 2006 (so far) then I would be a bloody good driver then? Some have speeds that are too low (like the place where I got my pics taken). Shouldn't the condition of the road and the amount of traffic come into consideration before deciding on the limit to drive on? If you go read in any Malaysian automotive forums. You would see that there is a common discussion across the board. SLOW DRIVERS IN THE OVERTAKING LANE. WTF. This is true for all major cities in Malaysia, except for KL. Cos of the jam, everyone's crawling around most of the time. :-P I have met people driving co-incidentally in a Perodua Kancil on a right lane of Jalan Keretapi at 60kmph. The road limit was 70 if not mistaken. There was no traffic in the left lane. So obviously there is nothing to overtake. Also if memory serves me correctly, overtaking from the left lane is illegal. So I flashed the bugger, waited waited... Then flashed again... I saw him looking into his center mirror and totally ignored me. I then proceeded to give him a short honk on the horn. Again, he looked into the mirror and looked annoyed. Then I kept pressing my horn till he moved to the left lane, to which I proceeded to overtake him and moved to the left lane. Once I completed my manourver, guess what, he moved back into the right lane, blocking a Toyota Prado.

So Yay to the Malaysian drivers who never gets fines~ cos you don't speed hooray to you because your a good and considerate driver!


*whoops time to work!*