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last SMS

I was suppose to blog this up on the 1st of Jan 2006. But one thing lead to another thing which then lead to another. Finally today I had abit of time to load MyPhoneExplorer and copied out this sms. This one comes all the way from Melbourne. From an old friend who introduced himself with "Do you guys want to play a game? You two againts me" oh yes, back then I was a bloody noob. And this fellow came along with all his arrogrance and trashed me and my friend to bits. =) After that it has been history.. sort of ... lots of defeats on my part, and lots of victory on his. Oh! I manage to win ONCE on PlayStation. Tekken3, against his invincible Paul with my Bryan fury. Wahahahaa!!!

"Looked into my wallet & found no money .Put my hands into my pocket & found no coin.Searched my life & found U.Then I realized how rich I am. Happy new year 06. May God bless U & family with all the very best in life. "

See, what a beautiful SMS. From a friend from a far... yes a very thoughtful friend of many years. We went thru many strange times. Some friends became enemies, some enemies became friends. Those were the good ol' days. Which was over way too soon.