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Kuala Lumpur Weekend(part 1)

Right! I am back from my KL trip! As you can see from the photo on the right. The petronas twin towers. Some how it's like a ritual, every time I go KL, I must step into KLCC. I think its pretty much the same for everyone who is not from KL. The building looks good in the day time and even better during nights. On the way there I saw many people by the road side with camera's and what not's taking photos. I took this one in a car, hehehe that's why the color is abit strange because I had to capture the image thru the windscreen.

Hehehe, now this one was taking again in the car, but at night. I was taking the shot when the light turned green and my friend moved, and the shot turned out like that. Pretty interesting... No? Well, seems pretty interesting to me.

Umm... So here is the 1st blog report of my KL trip, I actually already uploaded the photos. Just kind bored to link and type everything now. Long day in the office today. My boss was being bitchy again. *sigh*