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happy like an orange

hahaha orange? Because my phone is orange that's why! I finally updated my Sony Ericsson W800i firmware. Last time with my T610 I had to purchase a special cable from eBay called the Terminator Dongle to flash and upgrade my T610. Now the data cable that comes with the phone can be used to flash & upgrade the phone! And the software can be downloaded off sonyericsson.com. And unlike last time where we had to get hacked versions of the firmware, everything now is official. It took about 10 mins to upgrade my firmware to the latest version.

Besides overall performance increase, it finally has a the ability to search the contacts properly! Last time with the 1st firmware, it only searches the first character of the name of the contact. Now it searches the first and the second. For example I want to search for John Doe, I press J D and it will locate it. Or I can press J o h n(this is similar to nokia's). Cool stuff. The updated firmware came out early last month. And I only found out about it today, sheesh. I'm so outdated. In anycase, I'm so happy~~~ (^__^)