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Legends of speed

The legendary road leading towards Bako National park. Where many have risked their lives and lives of others to become midnight street racer for Kuching. It used to be populated with people racing cars and bikes until recently when the road underwent some resurfacing. This road has seen so many illegal races and accidents that if you were to have an accident along this strech of road, you will not be covered by insurance, as this area has been marked black zone by the police.

I took this photo around 11pm last night. Last time the place was packed by 10.30pm. Look how deserted it is now. Only me and a friend of mine were there feeding the mosquito's. I had heaps of memories here. As many of my friends were interested in car modifications, this was basically their test track. I'm just a spectator. Why? First of all its illegal, and its bloody dangerous. I have seen spectacular crashes here. Where one sports Mazda lost control and rear ended a Proton Wira (it really went over to the other side of the bridge, all 4 tires blew) over the other side of the road and slamming into 4 cars that were parked on the side of the road and then slammed into the rear of a Proton Waja. Sending the Waja straight into the divider and hitting a pole that wrecked the engine. By stander standing behind parked cars, near the rails were not safe either, one guy had his legs crushed by his car as it was pushed towards the guard rails. And this was on the 1st day of Chinese New Year (cho yat) in 1999 I think or was it 2000. Amazingly there were no fatalities, only heaps of broken bones, smashed cars, and bruised egos.

Now they have a new place to "test" their cars, and they have better sense to try it in daylight. A place where its secluded and there is no traffic. And some how the police never disturb them. I suppose the lack of accidents there is a good sign.

Well, standing there in the midst of the mosquito attacks, really brings back memories. When we would travel to Bako Road and just hang around at the road side, just to catch a glismp of the fastest midnight street racer of Kuching. Hmm.. Come to think of it, I still don't know who he is.