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another attempt at short hair

I am a person who is pretty lazy when it comes to personal grooming. Especially when it comes to my hair. I've been growing my hair long and cutting it short like the tide. Every few months changing hair style. I know short hair is neater and stuff but if I had my way, I'd keep a ponytail to go to work! Man, I miss those days when I kept long hair. The longest I have kept my hair was four years. Back then I was just a skinny pale lad, and everyone mistook me for a druggie. Which was fine, because I was the person who asked, "Do I look like a druggie?" instead of giving them chance to tell me how I look. And for the record, I do NOT do DRUGS. People sound suprised when I tell them I kept my hair for four years and I go to the barber every two weeks. Just to keep it trim and all that. And it only cost RM 2.00 to do it. Now tell me you wouldnt do it as well?

I don't understand why people still associate a guy keeping long hair with negative elements. I mean its not like if you keep long hair, it hinders you from being able to work or something. Maybe they think your less adapt as all the nutriens go to the hair. The first thing my current boss said after my 'interview' was, "There is something I need you to do for me" I responded with "I know, cut my hair". And that time, it was actually quite short compared to what I kept for four years. But I have had so many different styles and hair length I didn't really bother about it now. But I wish one fine day I can go back to keeping super long hair. Maybe when I'm older. Then all the youngesters would be like, "Aiyoh, look at that uncle, still think he very hip or somehing *laff* *laff*". I guess what goes around comes around. I used to make jokes about older people who kept long hair and a ponytail. But I think I would definately look better with long hair then the uncles. Hahaha. Because I have more experience, and I have a funky hair stylist! Yeah!

Okay then, time to go out terrorize Kuching with my new funky hairstyle.