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final day for 2005

Oh yay this bloody year is coming to an end! YES! I can not wait for the new year to begin.

Things I manage to do in 2005

  • Make new friends.
  • Meet old friends.
  • Found a job.
  • Purchase a new phone.
  • Organised kuching's first autokhana.
  • I got saman for spankingly loud exhaust at 1Q of 2005. Got another 2 more summons for speeding to day. So in total I had 3 summons in 2005.
  • Spend a bucket load of money on my car. Looks abit presentable now.

Things I didnt manage to do in 2005

  • No girl friend, 7 years in a row. =.=
  • I didn't crash my car and die.
  • Didn't crash my car and survive.
  • Didn't complete my car to a stage where I wanted. Now about 60% already. So the 40% hopefully get completed in 2006.
  • Didn't earn my 1st million ringgit.
  • Didn't take up badminton or any other sports other than motor sports.
So all in all it was a decent year la. But like many of my friends we had alot of problems this year. Hopefully it will be better next year. The best part is recieving the summons today, and found out it was suppose to be due two days prior (29-12-2005). So when I go pay it next year. I hope there are no extra penalties. I was only going 91kmph. The limit was 70kmph. My friend got summons for speeding, 2kmph over 70kmph limit. We both got the same amount summoned. He got in total 5 tix, me 3.

Next years resolution:-

  • Get a girl friend.
  • No summons at all!
  • Not die in a car crash.
  • Take up badminton.
  • Organize a proper autokhana and make it into a series. & get support from local clubs and individuals & the industry.
  • Earn more money.
  • Meet more friends old and new.
  • Strike Toto and Magnum4D and Big Sweep all at once.
  • Buy SonyEricsson W900i & P990i & DSC-R1 & a new desktop system with 1 terrabyte of space for downloading more movies.
Yup. Many things to look forward to next year! w00t w00t

Happy 2006 everybody.