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new era of technology advancement **again**

hmm... technology has advanced so much these days where everyone from ordinary joe's need not to have technical knowledge on how to create webpages, blogs and what not. In the past many years ago around 1994 when the net was still young. Personal Homepages were all the rage. Everyone was rushing in to build their very own space ONLINE (including yours truly). From then onwards there was not much advancement until the arrival of blogging few years ago. I think now it has really taken off! Look at me ! I'm bloody blogging. *doh* Then we have RSS feeds, BitTorrent, Instant Messengers, podcasting, Divx, xvid, ogm, mp3, mp4.... blah blah blah... so many more that you have to have a gazillion type of software installed in your pc.

And now we have what I think is a new arrival of change. Where companies strive to bring everything into one location. Making ease of use an actual reality.There are many clever people working really hard to help everyone out there to do their down stuff. From the html days of services like geocities and tripod where it had a limited web builder. Now we have protopage. Where one can drag and drop items and make things happen. O.o wah so easy. Clicky clicky. Not CODING required! Good stuff indeed!!! I am really really really impressed with protopage version2. Now everyone can be a webmeiser~ =)